when did my body, a tool for survival, become a signal for harm

i look at my mirror, stare at my body, and all that i see is a layer

When I stare at the mirror and look at my naked body, my physical self, all I see is a layer. A surface. A mere bodysuit. I wonder how and when was the exact moment in our humanity, in mankind, did our physical layer become a dictation of our value. Our bodies were once used as tools for survival but somewhere along the way, it has become tools for harm of vanity. ⁣

My eyes, my skin, my nose, my lips, and my limbs are all senses so we can live life feverishly and passionately. So I can see my mother aging, feel the sun’s warmth, kiss my loved ones, walk up a hill, taste the sweetness of my father’s guavas, wrap my arms around my friends and embrace them. So how is it that now that our senses, our layer, our bodies that help us move and feel the world have become something that is deemed as pretty or ugly? How has my body, a simple suit of organs, something that protects me from sickness and nourishes me has transformed into a signal, a notice for people to determine what my worth is to them? ⁣

When did we start viewing “beauty” as an accomplishment? When did our bodies that were once only focused on surviving morph into oppression? ⁣

My body cannot possibly dictate my worth or encapsulate all the wonder that I am for all it is is just a suit. ⁣A layer.

I wish for everyone in this lifetime to heal. ⁣